Dr. Ir. Ramli Sitanggang, MT
Bidang Kompetensi Ilmu :Teknologi Pengembangan Technologi Stack Fuel Cell
Language proficiency : English. Spesialis teknologi membuat pembangkit tenaga listrik Fuel Cell. Pembuatan gas Hidrogen dengan elektrolizer menggunakan teknologi PEM. Pengalaman Lecturer for 20 years at Department of Chemical Engineering, teaching subjects such as Research Methodolgy, Mathematical Aplication in Chemical Enginering, Transport Phenomena and Chemical Engineering Process Control. Plant Design and Manufacturing for chemical industries. Unit Operation of Chemical Processes. Changes in asphalt properties with air blown at specified temperature. Plant design CO2 manufacturing from lime stone Changes in jack fruit seed properties with electrolysis at boiling point. Manufacturing of equipment for extraction of oxygen dan nitrogen from air. Plant design for manufacturing nylon polymer at 60,000 ton per anum. Experiment and Simulation mathematical model extraction puiritie petroleum dengan DMSO. Plant designer for LPG filling station, Plant designer for blanding petroleum station. Plant desain produksi udara bersih. Plant desain air–ozon. Research on producing high performance MEA for PEM fuel cell focusing on manufacturing ink for gas diffusion layer and electrode layer,manufacturing of gas diffusion layers for anode and cathode, manufacturing catalyst layers for anode and cahtode, and membrane electrode assembly. Long term performance of MEA for PEM fuel cell is also studied. Expert of Identification Surface Area Microstructure Gas Diffusion Layer And Its Effects on MEA Fuel Cell Generator, Micropore Analysis of Gas Diffusion Layer In MEA Fabrication Process For Pem Fuel Cell, Simple Methode of Formulation Carbon Ink For Gas Diffusion In Fuel Cell Development, Diffusion Coefficient of The Dissolved Hydrogen Gas Inside The Mesoporous of Gas Diffusion Layer Of Mea Fabrication Process For Mea Fuel Cell. Water Permeability Study of Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) Fabrication Using X-Y Robotic Sprayer Machine, Current Density Model of Membrane Electrode Assembly Manufactured By X-Y Robotic Sprayer, Investigation of Gas Diffusion Layer In Mea Fabrication Process of PEM Fuel Cell, Gas Diffusion Layer Fabrication analysis for PEM Fuel Cell based on X-Y robotic Spraying Technique. Patent from research project 9 ( X-Y Robotic spraying machine for manufacturing MEA fuel Cell, Membrane Electrode Assembly Design, Ink Formulation Design Method ,LESTARI 1000 Portable Fuel Cell Power Generator, Innovative Open Cathode 500 W Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Air-cooled Fuel Cell Stack, SERINDIT Zero Emission Vehicle, Impregnation Process In Making Platinum On Activated Carbon Catalyst, LESTARI 5000 Portable Fuel Cell Power Generator). Award 19 bidang teknologi (Fuel Cell Vehicle, Zero Emission Vehicle, Portable Fuel Cell Back –Up Power Generator, Portable Fuel Cell Power Generator, Fuel cell LESTARI 1000, Innovative Open Cathode 500 W Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Air-cooled Fuel Cell Stack, Innovative 5 kW Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Water-Cooled Fuel Cell Stack, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell MTE 2008, Design Advisor tool for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (MDFC) MTE 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Multistack DMFC MTE 2008 Kuala Lumpur). Bepengalaman memberi pelatihan, Handling, safety, Chemical Control in dustry, BROE refinary, Standard Based management system, Quality dan productivity. Korrosion, Handling and transportation, Proses plan refinari, Plant designer for LPG filling station, Water treatmen. Production in tin manufacturing for battery application,Research Officer at Institute of Fuel Cell Technology, UKM, Malaysia dan Gassifikasi batubara. Training Fabrication PEM Fuel Cell System 200W. Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. 5 – 11 Okt 2008. 2008 IC2 Workshop: Converting technology to wealth. Kursus Simulasi Proses, Hysys, Kursus Dasar dan Lanjutan, Visual Basic, Microsoft Malaysia, Kursus Pengawalan dgn software Lab-View.

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